Allegations of Lewd Behaviour in The Leader’s Office

Seems Labour councillor Alan Kerr who represents Monkton is in spot of bother after making improper sexual advances towards a member of staff in the leader’s office and it’s not the first time the dirty old bastard has tried his luck with lasses young enough to be his daughter.

Apparently the latest victim of this disgusting ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ pervert had previously made a complaint to Diane Wood, former Assistant Chief Executive, but it wasn’t taken seriously in case it upset the leadership of the council.

The consequences of thier refusal to take action against councillor Kerr has now given the dirty bastard a new lease of life. It’s encouraged the pervert to try his luck again.

His victim has had enough and has now lodged a second complaint against grandad Kerr.

Mr Monkey hopes that this person’s complaint will be taken taken seriously and that a full enquiry into the lewd behaviour of councillor Kerr is carried out.

Mr Monkey has no faith in the system and reckons that councillor Iain Malcolm will do everything in his power to ‘hush up’ the disgusting antics of his number two. Sadly Mr Monkey reckons that the complaint won’t be taken seriously and councillor Kerr’s victim will be made to feel that it’s all her fault and will probably end up being moved.

Councillor Malcolm cannot afford the bad publicity this will bring and Mr Monkey reckons he’ll try pulling a few strings at the Gazette Malcolm Fanzine to keep the disgusting and lewd behavior of councillor Kerr out of the public eye.

But even Papa John Szymanski won’t be bought by a few sausage rolls and chicken drumsticks when it comes to selling papers on the back of sex and sleaze .. look what happened to the controller of BBC Radio 2 when he failed to do his duty!


2 Responses to “Allegations of Lewd Behaviour in The Leader’s Office”

  1. 1 Irving Washington
    04/11/2008 at 21:36

    Covering up the antics of certain councillors is becoming a bit of a “Mastermind” specialist subject for Iain Malcolm. A certain other Labour stalwart is rumoured to have battered his wife and relative after a pint to many. The only thing that kept his name from the attention of the press was the small matter of his brother being a custody sergeant.

    In the 60’s and 70’s, sexual harassment cases often resulted in the victim being transferred out of the work place. However, advances in equality issues over the last couple of decades has resulted in the perpetrator being removed from the working environment. If Kerr is found guilty of any complaint or allegations, he theoretically will not be allowed in the Town Hall – in essence he will be unable to represent those who elected him. If this is the case, we will have a ward council election before 2010.

    No doubt the Independents will be on stand by!

  2. 2 The Police Informer
    05/11/2008 at 08:24

    If someone was to look into wife battering ,they would uncover a lot more on that Labour stalwart you mention.

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