What Does Steady Eddie Know About You Iain?

Bloggers will know doubt have read The Fat Mackem Hobbit’s account of councillor Eddie McAtominey’s latest drinking exploits around 8.30pm yesterday. CLICK HERE.

Like the Hobbit, Mr Monkey was told by a source close to the Labour leadership that Steady ‘hic’ Eddie was in police custody after being arrested on suspicion of drink driving. But unlike the Hobbit, Mr Monkey decided to wait for confirmation ealrier today.

It seems the Labour party is rapidly imploding on itself and if Iain Malcolm’s little piglets continue at this rate most of them will be in jail, a lunatic asylum, an addiction clinic, the crematorium or facing charges on suspcion of benefit fraud. 

Even head sow Iain Malcolm, aka Miss Piggy is beginning to drown in his own shit face questions about his murky dealings at Newcastle International Airport.

If poor Miss Piggy hasn’t got enough shit on his her plate the borough’s number one plonky and Labour’s answer to Ozzie Osborne, councillor Eddie McAtominey was seen leaving a shop on Finchale Road Hebburn with a bottle of the hard stuff. He drank the lot and then threw the empty bottle over a wall before getting into his car and attempting to weave his way home to see Nancy.

Unfortunately for Eddie the police had already seen him and pulled him over for a breath test. This time there was no “do you know who I am” or “I’ll have your fucking jobs” he just did as he was told like a naughty little schoolboy who’d been caught with his hands in someone’s arse pocket.

The breath test proved positive and he was arrested. A second breath test at South Shields police station was also possitive and he was then tucked up in his cell for the night.

After a hearty breakfast washed down with alcohol free tea, he was taken to the Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to drink driving. He was banned for 21 months, fined £500 and ordered to pay £43 costs.

Apparently he perjured himself in court by claiming that his drink problem only started when he was diagnosed with cancer – you’re a lying bastard Eddie.

You’ve always had a drink problem, your liver’s fucked and everyone including your partner in crime, you know the one that opened all those procurement envelopes and tenders at the GMB wife knew you were a plonky years ago. The only surprise is that you’ve lasted this long.

Boys 'n' Booze .. what more do you want Iain?

Boys 'n' Booze what more do you want Iain?

Miss Piggy aka Iain Malcolm must of had a hell of night laying awake wondering what to do next.

This morning he apparently took ‘decisive’ action in that he suspended councillor McAtominey from the cabinet. But being the limped wrist bastard he is, councillor Malcolm allowed Steady Eddie to remain on the police authority and the council.

Come on Iain who the fuck are you trying to con, the arsehole you are protecting is a one man disaster zone. He’s dragging the good name of the party, the council and the people of South Tyneside through the shit and you’re letting him do it.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether Steady Eddie knows just a little too much about you and your murky past and that you’re scared stiff that he’ll tell all – remember those selection meetings Iain?

Come on Miss Piggy councillor Malcolm act like a leader and do the decent thing .. get rid of this washed up alcoholic before it’s too late.

6 Responses to “What Does Steady Eddie Know About You Iain?”

  1. 1 justin
    11/11/2008 at 16:03

    McAtominey was already charged with ANOTHER offence for failing to provide a specimen/do a breathaliser from May/June this year wasn’t he when he crashed his car on Victoria Road?

    What happened to that, I know it was transferred to Peterlee because of him being on the Northumbria Police board, and it has been adjourned a few times now.

    Wasn’t he also suspended a few years back from the Council after irregularities with his printing firm, Washington Print Company—allegedly it was to do with him subcontracting work out from the COUNCIL and not paying for it when it was done.

    The guy is hardly an upstanding member of the community is he? He holds court in the Iona club, Station Road Hebburn and is known there as the Man with the Tan. Everyone knows he’s a bit of a wide boy and has has more comebacks than Frank Sinatra.

    All in my humble opinion of course!

  2. 2 Brawling Norman
    11/11/2008 at 16:24

    Eddie Mac may want to stick around to spite his Labour colleagues, but his biggest revenge would be for him and Nancy to resign, resulting in two by-elections which the party would undoubtedly lose.

  3. 3 justin
    11/11/2008 at 16:47

    just think how much money they would lose if they both went though.
    They must be raking in upwards of £30k between them a year.

  4. 4 Brawling Norman
    11/11/2008 at 18:56

    Yeah but with Eddie going from cabinet and police post, that’s £20grand of it gone in a flash.

  5. 5 On the wagon
    11/11/2008 at 20:07

    Theres over 40K gannin in that hoose, paid for of course by the hard working taxpayers.
    Drunken bastard gets 7k basic 12k Police Athourity, 10k Cabinet
    Fiddiling Nanc gets 7k Basic and 9+k Chair of Scrutiny.
    she should of scrutinized that fat tango’ed twat

  6. 6 Washington Irving
    11/11/2008 at 20:21

    As Mr T would say – “I pity the poor fool” – the fool in this case being Iain Malcolm. On information freely offered via blog sites, he presides over a group of Councillors who exhibit the following attributes:

    1. Wife beating
    2. Alcoholism
    3. Fraud
    4. Social security benefit fraud
    5. Racism
    6. Sexism
    7. Sexual harassment
    8. A love of driving whilst over the limit
    9. Corporate fraud
    10. Election ballot irregularities

    When you mix in a little bit of greed, arrogance, contempt for the electorate, lack of ability and sheer ignorance, we are presented with a picture of a Borough whose political affairs and social well being falls within the remit of a corrupt and moribund administration.

    Where is the voice of opposition in this sorry state of affairs?

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