Evens on Steady Eddie Going To Prison

The members lounge is full of talk about what’s likely to happen to Steady ‘Hic’ Eddie McAtominey at today’s court hearing.

Nancy Maxwell will be stressed to learn that some of her colleagues callous bastards are running a book on the outcome of her husband’s trial.

Sorry Nancy but Mr Monkey tried placing a a few quid on Eddie getting a suspended sentance but quickly changed his mind when he was offered 3 to 1 on councillor Iain Malcolm facing fraud charges following a Serious Fraud Office investigation into his role in the ‘Great Newcastle Airport’ rip pay off.

Mr Monkey would have been a cunt not to grab these odds with both paws!


1 Response to “Evens on Steady Eddie Going To Prison”

  1. 1 justin
    13/11/2008 at 15:52

    is he still on the Governor’s Committee at Bedewell School? Setting a fine example to today’s youth isn’t he? NOT.

    How much will this trial cost, or will he stop trying to get out of it and admit he’s a plonker.

    He seems to think the law applies to everyone but him.

    I bet he gets away with it.


    and why did the cops not do him for littering when he threw that bottle of plonk over the wall at Finchale Road?

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