BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Gazette Investigation Leaked To Mr Monkey!

Mr Monkey can reveal the Shields Gazette is planning a major article on councillors attendances in the coming days.

A willing councillor accomplice has forwarded Mr Monkey an email (copied below) fired off to every councillor by David ‘Birdman’ Maclean.

He’s listed the attendances of each member for each full council meeting and CAF meeting since this year’s election.

Lowest on the list is Allen Branley with an abysmal one meeting attendance out of eight.

Second is the Tory Boy King of Sleaze David Potts and John McKie with just four meetings attended.

They’re followed by Steve Harrison, Jane Branley, and even council cabinet member Michael Clare!

Leader of the Council Miss Piggy, aka councillor Iain Malcolm has got the worst attendance record out of the 3 Horsley Hill councillors.

These figures just go to show that most councillors are all too happy to fill their pockets with public money while not carrying out their duties.

Mr Monkey wonders why Sleazeball Potts can make an appearance in the Red Lion every night, but can seemingly only turn up at his meetings every once in a while!

Meanwhile Allen Branley may be a big hitter on the local business scene, but it gives him no excuse for ignoring his public duty to turn up to council meetings.

Incidentally, the fact that Mr Monkey has a copy of this email also shows that Birdman – who makes a living from council leaks – has finally been caught out by a leak himself!


(CC: All councillors)
Dear councillors,

We’re putting together an article on attendances since May’s election.
As only some of you are on committees, we’re only using attendance figures from the borough council meetings and your individual CAFs.
Due to the frequency of some CAF meetings, some councillors have been eligible for 12 meetings, while others 10, 9 or 8.
Below are the figures I have for meetings attended since May 1 this year. These are based on attendance figures on South Tyneside Council’s website.
If you would like to comment on your own attendance record, or the record of any other elected member, then please email me at the earliest opportunity. I’m putting something together in time for next week’s newspaper.

Of 12 possible meetings attended:
Dix 12
Leask 12
Capstick 8
Donaldson 9
Elsom 9
Finch 12
Foreman 9
Malcolm, Iain 10
Nolan 10

Of 10 possible meetings attended:
Bell 7
Strike 9
Spraggon 10
Boyack 7
Dixon 7
Milburn 8
Potts 4
Waggott 10
Wood 9

Of 9 possible meetings attended:
Lewell 9
Perry 8
Defty 7
Hanson 9
Harrison 5
Scorer 9
Stewart 9
Waddle 6
White 8
Brady 9
Gibson 9
Haram 9
Pigott 9
Walsh 8
Punchion 9

Of 8 possible meetings attended:
Thompson 7
Anglin 7
Hetherington 8
Alan Branley 1
Jane Branley 5
Clare 5
Hickman 7
Khan 8
Malcolm, Ed 7
McMillan 7
Meeks 7
Robinson 7
McCabe 6
Maxwell 8
Abbott 8
Atkinson 7
Hodgson 6
Kerr 7
McAtominey 8
McKie 4
Sewell 8


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