Has Irene Lucas Had Enough?

Mr Monkey can exclusively reveal that South Tyneside Council’s Chief Executive Irene Lucas has had enough and is set to fly the coup.

Ms Lucas who is not short of a few quid is beginning to get the jitters at the prospect of Labour losing control of the Council and feels it’s time to get out before the public discover what’s really been going on in the town hall.

It’s common knowledge that she’s finding it difficult to work with new Council leader Miss Piggy aka councilor Iain Malcolm; they have a mutual dislike and distrust of each other

Mr Monkey can confirm that Ms Lucas is desperate to return to her roots and has been is sniffing round the corridors of Sunderland’s Civic Centre and has been actively speaking to senior councillors and officers to gauge thier response.

The post of Chief Executive was recently advertised and carries with it an annual salary of £170,000. If succesful she would be in line for a pay rise of around £40,000!

An inside source at Sunderland City Council has confirmed that Irene Lucas is the front runner to fill the post by March 2009.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering whether her shredder will be working overtime this Christmas and New Year so he will be keeping a close eye on town hall to see who’s coming and going.

Whatever you do Irene don’t destroy any incriminating evidence because Mr Monkey’s eyes are everywhere.


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