Vodak Lil Discards Her Stick

Benefit cheat!

Is councillor Leask a Benefit cheat?

Vodka Lil aka councilor Eileen Leask has hobbled round on her walking stick on the pretext of having some illness for years. But Mr Monkey has watched her closely over the years and reckons she’s a fraudster.

It seems that she uses her stick very selectively and often discards it when she needs to get to the bar, buffet table or when she wants to be in the limelight.

Yesterday’s Gazette Malcolm Fanzine featured a picture of Vodka Lil standing next to her leader Miss Piggy aka councillor Iain Malcolm.

On careful examination it seems she’s made a miraculous recovery and no longer needs that stick. Mr Monkey reckons she only uses her stick to convince the DSS that her benefit claim is genuine.

Based on the evidence in this picture she’s a lair and a benefit cheat.


1 Response to “Vodak Lil Discards Her Stick”

  1. 1 Make mine a Double
    17/11/2008 at 01:08

    She will drink out if it makes her pissed.

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