Steadie Eddie’s Revenge

Mr Monkey wonders whether this incident CLICK HERE at the off licence in Finchale Road, Hebburn had anything to do with Steadie Eddie ‘hic’ McAtominey, the Labour councillor arrested for drink driving the previous day?

It seems that the UK Border Agency raided Steadie Eddie’s local off licence the day after he ‘bought’ a bottle of vodka from them. He drank the vodka on the spot, threw the empty bottle over a wall before getting into his car to weave his way drive home.

Mr Monkey wonders whether Steadie Eddie thinks that staff at the off licence tipped off the police and he’s was out for revenge.

Steady Eddie will have been known to the off licence staff, he would have made sure of that so he could get special treatment. He would have told them what an important man he was and that he knew everybody worth knowing. He will have also convinced them that they would never have a problem with their licence and that the police would not bother them because he was a member of the Police Authority.

Mr Monkey suspects that the owner of the off licence would have taken Steadie Eddie at face value and asked him for help to renew his friend’s visa. In return Steady Eddie probably promised him the earth and was rewarded with free vodka. Unfortunately Steadie Eddie was caught red handed by the police and Mr Monkey reckons he blames the shop keeper.

Being the sleazy shit he is, Mr Monkey would put money on the fact that councillor McAtominey turned grass and informed his police contacts (if he didn’t mention it when he was under arrest) that he suspected the off licence was staffed by illegal immigrants.

So much for upholding the principles of confidentiality, but then this piece of shit is’nt renowned for his integrity or his principles – that’s why he joined the local Labour party!


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