BNP Membership List

Oh dear it seems Nick Griffiths leader of the far right British National Party is in a spot of bother today after someone posted the organisation’s 2007 membership list online. The list contains around 12,000 names, together with home addresses, telephone numbers, jobs and even hobbies. 

The leak led some BNP members to fear that they may lose their jobs or face other reprisals and at least one serving police officer is on the membership list, along with several retired officers.


The list has been removed from the original site that posted it but being a nosey bastard Mr Monkey decided to browse the web to see if he could find it – it took exactly 10 minutes.


What Mr Monkey finds particularly interesting is the fact that many members who are on the list and who have found out about its publication, have gone absolutely ape-shit on right wing forums. This is what one of them had to say:


‘I’ve just had a call, I’m on it to. I want my fucking member money back, like has been mentioned here, I could lose my fucking job. I’m bloody angry.’


If your want to see the list for yourself google wikileaks.org.uk or strangelyperfect.tv 


1 Response to “BNP Membership List”

  1. 1 Irving Washington
    20/11/2008 at 10:55

    Whilst searching the BNP spreadsheet whose name should pop up but our own Pudgy “David Potts”. Sadly, this fascist lives in Carlisle, Cumbria (no 3886 on the sheet list).

    I always remember seeing Potts at a local election count a couple of years ago – he looked like a cross between a BNP boot boy and Himmler.

    Perhaps the two “Potts” fellows may be related? Who knows, Pottsy may have even made some 1st class rail travel claims to Council meetings via Carlisle!

    Wouldn’t that be marvellous?

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