Find A Facist – BNP Membership Search

It seems many of you are desperate to find the leaked BNP membership list?

Mr Monkey reckons you’re all either nosey bastards or you just want to know if you know anyone on the list.

The original list contains, names, addresses, telephone numbers, ages, occupation details and even what interests members have.

Mr Monkey has no time for the Nazi scum that make up the BNP and thinks that everything they stand for is abhorrent. But this is no reason to release the personal details of it’s members, especially as some of them are under 18 and may not even know they’ve joined a fascist organisation – parents may have done it without their knowledge.

Like other bloggers Mr Monkey faces a dilemma and has decided to adopt a Find a Fascist approach to the problem.

If you really want to know if you’ve a closet black shirt in your midst try doing a postcode search. It’s simple to do CLICK HERE enter your postcode, press search and hey presto the names of all local members appear – no other details are visable.

Try it for yourself; you never know where shit settles.


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