I Told You So!

Mr Monkey predicted that today’s Full Council meeting would be a lively affair – this is what he had to say;

“Councillor Malcolm has been shitting himself for days at the prospect of councillors Jane and Allan Branley, White, Hodgson and Khan in attack mode. Mr Monkey reckons that today’s gathering will be a rowdy affair”.

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It seems Mr Monkey was right as the meeting erupted on several occasions with angry words being exchanged between the Indy Alliance and Labour councillors which led to an angry stand off.

Independent Councillor Allen Branley repeatedly demanded a full public explanation for Steady ‘hic’ Eddie’s McAtominey’s resignation from the council’s cabinet and sought clarification on whether he had also stood down from the Police Authority.

The Hebburn South councillor, was recently convicted of drink driving, and stepped down from his cabinet post at Monday’s monthly meeting of the Labour group.

During a tribute pathectic speech by self appointed Labour ‘Enforcer’, alleged wife beater and fellow Hebburn South, councillor John McCabe said councillor Atominey was ‘here in spirit’.

This brought roars of laughter from the opposition benches and councillor Branley immediately sprung to his feet, saying: “In spirit?”

After a barrage of catcalls from the Labour benches, he added: “Hey, I didn’t bring up his drink driving charge,” triggering more chaos.

Mayor Alex Donaldson struggled to cope with proceedings and had several confrontations with opposition councillors, even threatening at one point: “I’ll adjourn this meeting if this continues and we’ll be here all night.”

Make sure you get a front seat at next month’s meeting – it promises to be a lively affair.


4 Responses to “I Told You So!”

  1. 1 Fridgid Mildred
    20/11/2008 at 23:57

    Mr Monkey i was also present at full Council today, their was a few missing.
    Perrys still in Texas USA.
    Maisies still cruising.
    However something that caught my eye was ED(THE STUTTER)MALCOLM,
    He has a fetish for knee length boots, his long time old codger girlfriend Olive Punchion(who had’nt a clue how to switch her mobile off the silly cow) had hers on but ED’S wondering eyes followed Alison Strikes arse out of the chamber and then back in. He was fucking drooling over her boots. Little tip ED you got no chance, stick to old Grannies who cradle snatch little young boys just out of school. How time flies that was all of thirty years ago.

  2. 2 Mr Monkey
    21/11/2008 at 07:33

    Who else was missing?

  3. 3 WILL
    21/11/2008 at 14:07

    Just read the Gazette : Cllr Nancy Maxwell saying, That her husband Cllr Mc Atominey is very ill.
    So why dos Cllr Mc Atominey not do the right thing and stand down from being a Councillor?
    Because im sure if I was that ill I would want to be around my family not raking in £7000 a year for doing nothing.

  4. 4 justin
    23/11/2008 at 22:59

    Why does fancy Nancy refer to her husband as Coun. McAtominey? Does she think he’s royalty or summat?

    Does he really have cancer or is that his excuse for being pissed numerous times at the wheel and risking running down the people of Hebburn who pay his wages(aka allowances)?

    Has he shown his face lately in the Iona?

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