Arse Abuse

"Cum on Jimmy give it me harder"

"Cum on Jimmy give it me harder"

Mr Monkey decided to take a peek at the browsing history of the computer in the members lounge and was surprised to see this picture.

It seems that the Whitelees Sex Machine, councillor Ernest Gibson has been spending a bit of time browsing dating sites in a desperate attempt to find  a shag. Apparently he’s been attaching this picture of him posing in a swimming pool whilst on holiday in Majorca to some of his outgoing messages.

Looking at the message on his trunks, Mr Monkey wonders what his holiday companion, councillor Sewell was doing to the poor bastard when he was pissed – who knows – spanking Shrek’s arse might just have given Jimmy a hard on.

Be careful lads, now your secret’s out your boss might cum calling, apparently he’s paritial to a bit of arse abuse!


1 Response to “Arse Abuse”

  1. 1 sherrif hill
    23/11/2008 at 20:57

    by ya fucka hes got some love handles

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