Curly’s Corner Shop To Be Removed?

It seems the Fat Mackem Hobbit over at Shire has a problem with numbers .. Hobbit’s were never very bright!

He reckons that Mr Monkey has been doing him a favour by referring readers to Curly’s Corner Shop and that this helps increase his visitor numbers. Mr Monkey is glad to have been able to help Mr Hobbit.

Unlike The Fat Mackem Hobbit, Mr Monkey is not afraid of competition that’s why he provides a direct link from the home page of Mr Monkey’s Blog to Curly’s Corner Shop. But it seems Mr Hobbit is scared shitless of returning the favour.

Until now Mr Monkey has never really given any serious thought as to why the Fat Mackem Hobbit hasn’t linked his site to Mr Monkey’s Blog. But his recent comment about referrals has got Mr Monkey thinking and he’s decided it’s pay back time.

It’s time to repay Mr Monkey’s generosity Curly, so how about adding a link to Mr Monkey’s Blog from your home page?

This would allow us both to test his theory about reader referrals.

Mr Monkey uses an RSS feed to link his blog to the Hobbit’s blog so there is no reason why Mr Rigg can’t do the same, unless he feels his blog is under threat from increasing popularity of Mr Monkey’s Blog.

Given the small number of people that bother using the link to Curly’s Corner Shop (despite his claims) Mr Monkey has decided that unless the Hobbit provides a reciprocal link by midnight tonight Mr Monkey will remove the link to Curly’s and replace it with something less boring.

For the record Mr Monkey has examined the stats carefully and can confirm that the Curly’s claims regarding referrals are nothing but a figment of a desperate Fat Mackem Hobbit’s imagination and here’s the proof:

In the last 30 days Mr Monkey’s Blog attracted 16,730 unique visitors with only a paltry 289 of them bothering to click on the link to Curly’s Corner Shop. During the same period 594 visitors clicked on the Gazette link – seems the even the Gazette Malcolm Fanzine is more popular than Curly’s Corner Shop! Based on these figures Mr Monkey reckons that local bloggers couldn’t give a fuck about Curly’s Corner Shop so why should he?

It seems Mr Monkey has achieved his goal of becoming the most popular blog in South Tyneside but even he didn’t think he could do so quickly!


7 Responses to “Curly’s Corner Shop To Be Removed?”

  1. 1 Mr Monkey
    25/11/2008 at 12:15

    Glad to oblige – it’s now 53999.

  2. 2 punch him on the nose
    25/11/2008 at 12:57


  3. 3 Tom
    25/11/2008 at 17:15

    Totaly love your Blog Mr Monk, long may you reign supreme!!

  4. 4 Washington Irving
    26/11/2008 at 09:33

    I see that Short and Curly over at his Smut Shop will be posting late today as he is planning his 2009 South Shields calendar. I wonder which version he will put on the website – the top shelf “Palin Pirelli” version containing the best (sic) of his Carry On antics, or his shots of Labour ruined South Tyneside?

    Perhaps we may even be blessed with both!

  5. 5 Mr Monkey
    26/11/2008 at 10:54

    You’ve given me an idea!

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