EXCLUSIVE REVELATION: The Plot to Financially Cripple the Gazette

After a load of commotion from the Malcolm Fanzine’s birdman over councillor attendances, not a dicky bird has been seen in the paper.

Mr Monkey wonders whether birdman has done exactly what councillor Alex Donaldson has done twice now – and LOST HIS BOTTLE!

A chimpanzee source says it could be because Papa John’s been tipped off about an Independent Alliance plot to cripple his newspaper by making their ad revenue evaporate.
At least one local business has been called up by an alliance-friendly representative, floating the idea of pulling all advertising from the paper, as retribution for the blatant bias shown in the paper.

This businessman was apparently also told to write to Papa John’s superiors at Johnston Press and tell them exactly why they were pulling advertising, and that they would only return as customers when the paper became fair and balanced again.

The representative also intends using his influence with the Chamber of Commerce, South Tyneside Business Network, STEP, the South Tyneside Manufacturers Forum, the Federation of Small Businesses and organisation like the Rotary Club and Freemasons to persuade businesses not to advertise in the Gazette. This shouldn’t be too difficult given the representative’s standing within the business community.

Perhaps Papa John doesn’t read his own newspaper, and has missed the fact that Allen Branley (the councillor with the least attendance) is also one of his bigger advertising customers.


1 Response to “EXCLUSIVE REVELATION: The Plot to Financially Cripple the Gazette”

  1. 1 Washington Irving
    27/11/2008 at 08:30

    Here is another little bit of information that sheds light on this matter.

    Over a year ago a colleague of mine lodged a Freedom of Information enquiry with the Council asking them how much they had paid The Gazette re the last financial year for advertising, including statutory notices etc. If memory serves me right, the figure supplied was in the region of about £120,000 – now that’s a lot of advertising revenue for a small provincial paper.

    Whilst the Council have a legal obligation to place many types of statutory notice, they don’t necessarily have to place them in The Gazette – other papers (perhaps with higher circulation figures) would suffice.
    It is therefore in the papers management teams interest not to rock the boat too much when it comes to the activities of Iain “Double I” Malcolm and his cohorts.

    Take for example the activities of Councillor MacAtominey – his drink fuelled rants, ravings and law breaking activities should have been camped on the front page of The Gazette for at least two days. The story merited it – he was an elected Councillor who also a senior member of the body which monitored the local police authority. He also claimed to have cancer, but know proof was offered. His physical demur indicates otherwise – no weight loss, no hair loss etc etc etc. In fact, he looks the picture of (alcoholic) health. Perhaps his illness was over played i.e. he has some form of non-life threatening/treatable/curable skin cancer. The issue here is that Gazette reporters should have dug deeper to find the truth, and highlighted MacAtomineys hypocrisy across its front pages – they didn’t.

    When it comes to The Gazettes dynamic duo, I expected no less from “The Hyphen” Kelly, but the lacklustre display by “Birdman” MacLean is a great disappointment. Clearly, he has had his wings clipped, the vet in question obviously being Malcolm!

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