Labour Activists Scared Shitless

Mr Monkey suspects that even members of the Labour party must feel scared shitless by the news that Conservative MP Damian Green, their frontbench Home Affairs spokesman on Immigration, had been arrested by the Metropolitan Police. He also had his homes and offices searched, including his office at the Palace of Westminster, by “Counter Terrorism Police”.

The police action followed the arrest 10 days ago of a government employee who had allegedly leaked four documents to Green, who in turn passed them to the press. They were:

1. A home office memo, which appeared in the Daily Mail on 13 November 2007, which showed that the home secretary Jacqui Smith had been warned four months earlier that thousands of illegal immigrants had been cleared to work in sensitive Whitehall security jobs. The memo emerged days after the Sunday Mirror disclosed that at least 5,000 illegal immigrants had been cleared by the Security Industry Authority to work in sensitive Whitehall locations.

2. An email to the then home office minister Liam Byrne in February this year which showed that he was informed about an illegal Brazilian immigrant who faked an identity pass to work in Parliament. The memo, which was published in the Sunday Telegraph on 10 February this year, said Byrne was informed on 31 January. Byrne was accused of a cover up.

3. A list of Labour MPs who were likely to rebel against the government’s plans to detain terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge. This appeared in the Sunday Times on 20 April 2008.

4. A letter from Jacqui Smith to Gordon Brown warning that a recession would lead to a rise in crime. This appeared in a number of papers, including the Guardian, on 1 September this year.

None of these stories involved any breach of security, only political embarrassment for the incompetent Labour party politicians.

In a Metroploitan Police statement a spokesperson said,

“The investigation into the alleged leak of confidential government material followed the receipt by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) of a complaint from the Cabinet Office. The decision to make today’s arrest was taken solely by the MPS without any ministerial knowledge or approval.”

Yeah right!

Mr Monkey cannot believe that some twat was prepared to waste scarce “Counter Terrorism Police” resources – on a day when security around the world should have been on high alert following the events in Mumbai – on this blatantly political investigation. Are ordinary Policemen no longer capable of searching an office of an Member of Parliament, he’s hardly going to flee the country is he?

It is irrelevant whether or not Gordon Brown or any other senior Labour politicians were aware of Thursday’s arrest beforehand, or not, they’re to blame politically.

This affair also reflects badly on Sir Paul Stephenson, the deputy to Sir Ian Blair, who is taking over as Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service. If he is seen to be continuing Sir Ian Blair’s NuLabour political policing style, then he must not be allowed to be promoted into that job full time.


3 Responses to “Labour Activists Scared Shitless”

  1. 1 The Sweeny
    28/11/2008 at 18:21

    Another bent copper, another bent Editor of a local paper, what fuckin next?
    Bent Councillors/woops sorry there is already a few of them WUFFTAS i mean.

  2. 2 George Smith
    29/11/2008 at 10:31


    I wish someone would leak how much was paid to the two former Executice Directors of Newcastle Airport which the 7 Localal authorities own 51%. Acording to Edward Russell’s letter in the Gazette they took £8.547 million but in a High Court action they have had to pay some of the money back. Why were bonuses paid , how much was paid and what were the legal costs. This is our money we have a right to know

  3. 3 Mr Monkey
    29/11/2008 at 13:01

    Mr Monkey has spoken to several former associates of Iain Malcolm and it seems that some members of the Local Authority 7 are distancing themselves from him. Apparently two members of the LA7 have spoken to their union’s legal advisors about blowing the lid on what really happened. Apparently they’re worried about incriminating themselves but both of them are determined not go down with Iain Malcolm .. seems canaries really do sing.

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