Eddie Makes An Ass Out of The Law

Hebburn’s number one piss headand convicted drunk driver councillor Eddie McAtominey seems to have played a blinder yesterday by making an ass out of the law.

Steady ‘hic’ Eddie who was convicted of drink driving earlier this month and who was eventually forced resigned from his highly lucrative paid positions on the council and the Police Authority faced another charge of failing to provide a specimen following his arrest on suspicion of drink driving back in April.

Since then councillor McAtominey has consistently protested his innocence and has made a number of appearances before Magistrates in South Shields and Peterlee where he’s pleaded not guilty.

Unfortunately the lying bastard was caught red handed at the wheel of his car earlier this month after buying a bottle of vodka and drinking it before throwing the empty bottle over a wall and getting into his car to drive home. This time he was fucked and decided he’d better plead guilty.

He appeared before South Shields Magistrates the following day and was banned from driving for 22 months.

The same week his representative Terence Carney appeared before Peterlee Magistrates to continue the not guilty charade and a pre-trial date was set for 28th November.

Yesterday the piss head changed his mind and after months of prevaricating, lying, cheating and wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers money and hundreds of hours of court time the scheming bastard pleaded guilty in the hope he would get off lightly.

Mr Monkey can’t believe that the stupid fucking Magistrates actually fell for his con, unless of course they took pity on the cancer pickled liver conman. Or did they now him? Seems justice was not done on this occasion and the sentence slap on the wrist certainly didn’t fit the crime.

A twelve month ban and a couple of hundred quid fine no way reflects the seriousness of his crime. The drunken bastard could have killed and injured innocent people; including children.

Seems the Magistrates at Peterlee may have forgotten why they volunteered for the bench in the first place – either that or it’s time they made way for people with balls.

Mr Monkey can’t wait to see what Labour North will make of all this, but they’re not exactly renowned for their balls unless they’re playing with each others!


4 Responses to “Eddie Makes An Ass Out of The Law”

  1. 1 Michelle
    29/11/2008 at 15:58

    There is only one thing left for this disgrace of a person, and that is to resign from the Council.
    I live in Hebburn South ward and do not want him or his cheating wife representing me.

  2. 2 Bill
    29/11/2008 at 19:39

    Agree with you about the Magistrates Mr Monk. They must have been
    overwhelmed by our Coroner visiting their humble little court to put a in a good word for his mate. This duo go back a long way, when they were mere Young “Socialists” Steady was branch chairman while Carney was Secretary. The twelve month ban running concurrently means it’s no penalty at all.

  3. 3 Carl Marx
    29/11/2008 at 20:18

    Aye Carneys always been a slippery snidey twat,
    he is another fucka that will get his just rewards in life!

  4. 4 justin
    30/11/2008 at 19:06

    Carney has made a fortune over the years from lay-about chav scum who rob houses, mug people, commit crimes to pay for their drugs etc and slash each other or beat each other when they fall out and then claim Legal Aid.

    Makes me sick.

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