Stick To Sheep

According to Caerphilly council, it is offensive to refer to someone as British, and apparently it’s on a par with “Negro” or “half-caste”.

Mr Monkey does not consider himself British, but English, just as the Scots, Welsh and Irish hold on to their national identities.

But, if Mr Monkey is referred to as British, he’s not offended – after all, England is part of Great Britain. However, Mr Monkey can’t help feeling that being English, means he’s a 3rd class citizen of Great Britain.

England is the only one of the four countries that make up Great Britain that does not have a parliament or assembly. We’re ruled directly by a British parliament, headed by an unelected Scot.

Of course, Caerphilly council is a very small voice in the scheme of things, but it only takes a small spark of political correctness to start a fire.


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