Read All About It .. A Day Later

Mr Monkey was the first blogger to bring you news of Roy Keane’s departure from Sunderland Football Club.

Once again the Shields Gazette netty paper that has the nerve to call itself a newspaper was scooped by Mr Monkey.

It seems the days of this antiquated news medium are numbered – take today. As the Gazette was hitting the streets with a front page ‘scoop’ – KEANE CRISIS, Boss locked in talks with board – Mr Monkey was breaking the news that he’d quit the club – talk about yesterday’s news.

With cutting edge journalism like this it’s no wonder the Gazette’s circulation is falling faster than the share price of parent company Johnston Press.


2 Responses to “Read All About It .. A Day Later”

  1. 1 Liza Radley
    04/12/2008 at 22:37

    What “breaking news” will The Gazette lead with next?

    Man lands on the moon?
    World War Two over?
    Elvis statue found on Mars!
    Bearded man feeds 5000 with a loaf and a fish!

    Old news, old hat, old ideas.

    Once the darling of the Independents – now nothing more than the lining on the Borough’s rabbit hutches.

    Shit attracts shit, and lets face it, The Gazette is full of it.

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