Fuckwits Discover Religion

Despite denials to the contrary it seems some environmental campaigners (tree huggers) may have have finally discovered religion – some of these fuckwits are now claiming Jesus was the original Eco-warrior.

Mr Monkey came across this little gem recently and thought he’d share it with you. 

Apparently this is how Jesus became the original Eco-warrior:

   1.  By travelling around by foot, donkey and sail powered boats, Jesus used sustainable, non-polluting transport options.

   2. By staying in other peoples’ homes and kipping on the roadside, Jesus saved the energy and resources that would have been used to build his house.

   3. By multiplying the loaves and fish, Jesus used God’s power to reduce the amount of food that had to be grown to feed the crowds.

  4. If we had followed his instruction to love our enemies, countless resources could have been used to sustainably improve human existence, rather than attempt to annihilate it.

  5. He died young, thereby dramatically reducing his personal exploitation of natural resources, which would have been roughly double had he lived twice as long.

No wonder the poor bastards are a laughing stock .


3 Responses to “Fuckwits Discover Religion”

    05/12/2008 at 20:57

    There is sane’r twats in Cherry Knowles.

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