A quick look at the hits tells Mr Monkey you’re a nebby bunch and it seems you can’t wait to find out who the lucky jackpot winner is.

On Wednesday night Mr Monkey told you that some lucky bastard in the town hall had struck gold by winning the jackpot – many of you thought it was the lottery, Mr Monkey can now reveal all.

Bloogers will remember that South Tyneside Council undertook a job evaluation exercise which proved far from popular with many of the council’s employees. Although the  process allegedly involved consultation with the unions. But when it was put to the vote staff overwhelmingly rejected the proposals.

The council then dropped hints that it would impose a settlement on it’s employees and allegedly used emotional blackmail by try and force them into accepting the proposals. They also persuaded the unions to accept their view – not that it would have taken much to persuade certain union officials.

Reluctantly, staff accepted the proposals and the council’s spin machine went into overdrive. Apparently staff were given the option of lodging an appeal although the time-frame was very short.

This whole exercise has left moral at an all time low with many staff now doing the bare minimum. For many the commitment, drive, enthusiasm and motivation they once had as all but disappeared. Recent turmoil in the financial markets, the credit crunch and escalating costs have also had an impact on moral especially for those who feel they are underpaid and undervalued.

Set against this background the Executive Team, no doubt with the leader’s approval, decided to undertake their own job evaluation and Mr Monkey can now reveal that the report along with it’s recommendations were approved by the Human Resources committee on Wednesday.

Councillor Audrey McMillan – aka the Mill Dam Bike – who chairs the committee realised this matter would be ultra sensitive and used underhand and devious tactics to push the proposals through.

As is normal for South Tyneside Council, anything with the slightest hint of embarrassment is buried in a green paper. This limits the amount of people who have access to the information and allows the chair to remove the press and public from the meeting when it’s being discussed. This removes any chance the public have of finding out the truth. But they didn’t reckon on Mr Monkey.

Members of the committee, except councillor McMillan, knew nothing about the report because she in conjunction with senior management decided not to tell them about it. Unlike other green papers – which get circulated in advance of the meeting, this report was tabled at the start of the meeting so members had no prior warning and where not able to study the contents in detail.

To his credit a now sober councillor McAtominey pointed this out to those present and tried to get an explanation as to why this cloak and dagger approach had been adopted.

The Mill Dam Bike, aka councillor McMillan did her best to live up to her imgae of being a stupid twat and mumbled something through the piece of arse stuck on the end of her face.

When it was time to discuss the report not only were the public and press asked to leave, but so too were the officers. Within minutes Irene Lucas the Chief Executive appeared as if she’d been summoned.

…. part two to follow later this evening


2 Responses to “JACKPOT WINNER .. Part One”

  1. 1 Billy Smart
    05/12/2008 at 20:55

    Come on then u big fuckin ape spill the dirt.

  2. 2 Fred
    05/12/2008 at 22:22

    Mr Monk, you really are a little monkey. I find the idea of of the Mill Dam bike hilarious. It may surprise you that not all So/Tyne councillor friends of mine (including one who could now use the services of Mill Dam) read your blog. Apparently the Town Hall have some sort of Ray that prevents any of their machines displaying web pages if it includes the word Monkey!

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