Mr Monkey Is About To Piss All Over The Hobbit?

'Pissing on the Hobbit'

'Pissing on the Hobbit'

Seems the Fat Mackem Hobbit over at the Shire Corner Shop can piss a bit further than Mr Monkey when it comes to the number of blog hits.

For several weeks Mr Monkey has been challenging the Hobbit to produce his stats – something he used to do on a monthly basis, but around 6 months ago he suddenly stopped.

When Mr Monkey started his blog at the end of July hits and stats were the furthest thing from his mind, instead he concentrated on a causing a bit of monkey mischief.

Very quickly, Mr Monkey realised the potential of his site and it soon became the most talked about blog in South Tyneside.

Since it’s launch the hits have risen month on month and last month Mr Monkey’s Blog received 16,312 hits – not bad for a blog that only concentrates on local issues, does not link to other bigger blogs and has only been going for 4 months.

Now compare these to the stats of the Hobbit’s blog which Mr Monkey forced him to reveal. 

In recent weeks the Hobbit has gone on record saying Mr Monkey’s Blog attracts only ‘around half a dozen hits a day’.

He the changed his mind following a couple of posts from Mr Monkey and conceded that Mr Monkey’s Blog receives around 100 hits per day. Seems he was wrong again.

Apparently the Hobbit takes great satisfaction in the fact that he can piss a bit further than Mr Monkey – it shouldn’t be too difficult when he’s had years to practise his aim now should it?

It seems that after more than 4 years of blogging, running 6 different sites, using various chat-rooms and forums, publishing a daily picture online, receiving a bit of publicity from the Malcolm Fanzine and linking to every well known blog, the Hobbit can only manage a paltry 24,000 hits a month.

Mr Monkey congratulates the Hobbit on his lack of achievement and offers him his commiserations for failing to become a top blogger after more than 4 years of trying.

Enjoy your moment of glory Mr Hobbit because any day now not only will Mr Monkey be pissing further than you, he’ll be pissing all over you.


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  1. 02/07/2013 at 01:19

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