Last week Mr Monkey commented on how the Malcolm Fanzine Shields Gazette seems to constantly be playing catch up when it comes to real news. CLICK HERE.

Over the past couple of years the Gazette’s news content has gradually disappeared and it now relies on recycled news from elsewhere and press releases from South Tyneside Council’s Department of Spin.

Seems Papa John would much rather concentrate his efforts on Bonny Bairns and letters to Santa than reporting the news. 

Last week’s post was called READ ALL ABOUT IT – A Day Later, but Mr Monkey didn’t release that as he was writing this, Papa John was planning to top all his previous fuckups by snubbing the local MP.

On Monday (1st December) U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice performed in a piano quintet for the Queen at Buckingham Palace. She was joined by Louise Miliband the wife of South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband, on violin, and three members of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Now as far as Mr Monkey can recall it’s not every day that the local MP’s wife plays such a high profile gig which probably explains why every daily newspaperon both sides of the Atlantic featured the story the following day (Tuesday). Yet the Malcolm Fanzine Shields Gazette missed the whole event .

Somebody must have reminded Papa John what he’d been missing and he eventually managed to include the story in Friday’s (5th December) paper CLICK HERE.

It only took 5 days for the chubby bastard to realise what was going on in the world beyond Greggs – either that or his love of council leader Iain Malcolm prevented him from doing his job.

We all know that Miss Piggy loathes David Miliband who he blames for his failure to secure the MP’s job for himself.

Mr Monkey reckons the Shields Gazette deserves the title SNOOZEPAPER after this dismal showing – perhaps someone should prod Papa John the next time they see him to check whether the lazy twat is still breathing?


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