What A Day!

Mr Monkey is feeling a bit smug today following a record breaking day yesterday.

Regulars will know that certain local bloggers have suggested Mr Monkey’s Blog is not a threat very popular among the blogging fraternity.

According to the Fat Mackem Hobbit over at the Shire Corner Shop, Mr Monkey’s Blog attracts around half a dozen visits per, although he later revised his ‘guesstimate’ to a 100 per day.

On the 7th December Mr Monkey published his monthly stats which shows Mr Monkey’s Blog continues to grow in populairty – in November more than 16,000 visits were recorded. CLICK HERE for details.

Seems readers out there can’t get enough of Mr Monkey and yesterday visits reached an all time high with 1,261 hits being recorded.

Looking at the stats in more detail it seems most of your were interested in the following posts:





If this growth continues through December, Mr Monkey will not only be pissing all over the Hobbit, he’ll drown him!


1 Response to “What A Day!”

  1. 11/12/2008 at 17:39

    Such figures would equate to almost 40,000 “uniques” (1261 X 31 = 39091) per month, well ahead of the very popular Cranmer and Dizzy Thinks blogs and far away in excess of the visitors that I may expect. For a blogger to attract so many visits in such a short period of time is indeed incredible and worthy of congratulations, even more so since the content is mainly of a local nature.

    One might imagine that visitors are looking at more than one page per visit, perhaps two or three, does this mean page views of more than 100000 per month? This rivals even the Shields Gazette!

    Curly congratulates you on your undoubted success.

    Does the Monkey know how to produce a screenshot of the WordPress Dashboard?

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