Bus Lane Blunder

Hot on the heels of the loading bay fuck up which resulted in the suspension of penalty charge notices being issued for vehicles illegally parked on loading bays, Mr Monkey has now learned that someone in the parking team is either colour blind or just couldn’t be bothered to check the small print.

Earlier this year the council’s agreed to introduce new measures to stop people using bus lanes – apparently to improve safety and keep vehicles moving – no, nothing to do with robbing the motorist blind.

These measure included taking photographs and recording the offenders on CCTV. This will be done by covert cameras installed on traffic lights, street lighting and CCTV columns. But the council also planned to introduce a secret weapon – a vehicle with a hidden camera.

Enforcement staff have been trained and the vehicle was delivered in time for the October launch but there was one minor problem – it was the wrong colour!

Apparently the vehicle that was delivered was black and was deemed unsuitable  too distinctive to be able to trap motorists effectively.

Somebody in the town hall decided that the vehicle should be white as this would blend in with the borough’s other white vehicles and would be less visible make more money.

Apparently the vehicle was duly dispatched for a respray and will be operational in the new year.

That’s assuming all the bus lanes are legally enforceable but more of this later.


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