EXCLUSIVE: Creative Accountancy or Cooking The Books?

EXCLUSIVE: Seems South Tyneside is about to cover up reveal another black hole it’s finances.

Readers will recall that several years ago an £11 million  ‘Black Hole’ mysteriously appeared in the council’s finances and in the best traditions of local government spin they some how managed to pass the buck and keep their jobs. But this time a source close to the leadership has expressed concern that they might not be able to get away with it.

Apparently senior councillors and officers are concerned that a combined opposition will latch on to this latest financial scandal and demand answers which may prove difficult to provide without incriminating themselves. They’re also concerned that this issue will unify the opposition parties in the run up to 2010 local elections and fuck any chances Miss Piggy might have of doing a deal to stay in power should Labour lose it’s majority.

Mr Monkey has been told that Corporate Governance and Adult Services are the two departments affected and between them they’ve managed to overspend by a massive £12 million pounds.

Seems Miss Piggy, council leader Iain Malcolm’s pledge to keep the council tax down is just pie in the sky. Either that or they are going to have to cook the books do some pretty creative accountancy between now and March.


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