Another Loading Bay Blunder

In June South Tyneside Council stopped issuing tickets to motorists parked in loading bays.

This was’nt the council being generous, it was due to a mega fuck up – the loading bays did not comply with the law and were found to be illegal.

Apparently for loading bays to be compliant they need to be clearly marked and the size of the bay must meet the specifications set down in law. There should also be a valid time plate, usually mounted on a post or street lighting column, and the bay must have a valid Traffic Regulation Order. If just one of these requirements is not met the council cannot take enforcement action.

Since the new enforcement regime was introduced more than 800 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) have been issued to motorists parked in loading bays – the council have now acknowledged that the bays were illegal – hence they stopped enforcement action.

Being the money grabbing bastards they are, South Tyneside Council decided against refunding those motorists who’d been issued with an illegal ticket. Instead it decided to spend around £30,000 on legal advice to justify not giving people their money back – how to win friends. The council has also spent thousands re-marking the bays and erecting little metal plates.

From 1st December the council’s enforcement contrctor started issuing PCNs again – it’s got make up the lost revenue from somewhere!

Unfortunately for the greedy twats in the town hall it now seems that not all the loading bays have a valid Traffic Regulations Order and therefore they cannot be enforced.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that the 4 loading bays in the Market Square including the ones outside Wilkinson’s and the Old County Court (now council offices) fall into this category so motorists can park there without fear of getting ticket – handy for Christmas.

Obviously this will not always be the case so keep on eye on Mr Monkey’s Blog for regular updates.


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