EXCLUSIVE: Bad News For Irene and Iain

EXCLUSIVE: Regular readers of Mr Monkey’s Blog will know that there is no love lost between South Tyneside Council’s dominatrix chief executive Irene Lucas and council leader Miss Piggy aka Iain Malcolm.

Since Miss Piggy replaced Paul Waggott as leader, Ms Lucas has desperately been trying to jump ship. A source close to the chief executive’s office has told Mr Monkey that she’s finding life under Miss Piggy extremely difficult and feels it’s only a matter of time before there is a huge bust up.

Ms Lucas is not used to playing second fiddle and likes to get her own way. She was able to manipulate former leader Paul Waggott; he did whatever he was told and knew his place in the scheme of things.

Unfortunately Miss Piggy is a different animal who loves to play the big I am and wants everybody around him to bow and scrape on his command. He’ also a more devious bastard that will stop at nothing to get his own way including selling his own family to the highest bidder.

Ms Lucas has applied for several positions since May including a senior position with the new Durham Unitary Authority. Last month Mr Monkey revealed she was sniffing round the vacant chief executive’s position at Sunderland City council CLICK HERE  and HERE.

According to one of her close aides skivvies that this was “her dream job”.

Mr Monkey can now reveal that her ‘dream’ has turned into a nightmare and that she’s been shunned by senior councillors at Sunderland who reckon she comes with too much baggage. Apparently she never even made the final shortlist.

Seems Ms Lucas is rapidly running out of options and has no choice but to play second fiddle to councillor Iain Malcolm.

Meanwhile council leader Miss Piggy is becoming increasingly frustrated at what he sees as Ms Lucas’s deliberate attempt to undermine him and would love nothing better than for her to leave – unfortunately it ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

Mr Monkey reckons both these power mad individuals; who loathe each other will have a pretty shit Christmas knowing they’ll have to work with each come 2009.

For the record the job went to David Smith who is currentlt the Acting chief executive.


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