Mr Monkey Sees Off The Fat Mackem Hobbit

After reviewing last week’s stats it appears bloggers can’t get enough of Mr Monkey’s Blog.

It seems that in just 4 and half months Mr Monkey’s Blog has become South Tyneside’s premier blog and has left other local blogs desperately trying to hang onto Mr Monkey’s tail.

Judging by last week’s record breaking stats it seems a whole new audience have discovered Mr Monkey’s Blog and appear to love what they see – or is it just the monkey business that fascinates bloggers?

The speed of Mr Monkey’s growth has astounded even this chimp and if this rate of growth continues, Mr Monkey’s Blog is set to become one of the country’s top political blogs.

Even Graham Rigg aka The Fat Mackem Hobbit Curly – the man behind South Tyneside’s longest established blog – The Shire Curly’s Corner Shop has been forced to admit that Mr Monkey’s achievements are incredible.

This is what he had to say,

“For a blogger to attract so many visits in such a short period of time is indeed incredible and worthy of congratulations, even more so since the content is mainly of a local nature”.

“One might imagine that visitors are looking at more than one page per visit, perhaps two or three, does this mean page views of more than 100000 per month? This rivals even the Shields Gazette”.

“Curly congratulates you on your undoubted success”.

So there you have it, even the borough’s deposed premier blogger acknowledges Mr Monkey’s superiority.

As for last week’s record breaking stats, they were:

Highest number of hits in a single day – 2,151 on 19th December

Highest number of hits in a single week – 10,312

Highest number of hits on a single post in a week – 2,368


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