Mr Monkey is off to do a bit of last minute shopping – yes it’s time to get Mrs Monkey’s Christmas present! So this may be the last post of the day.

Mr Monkey would like to thank all the readers that have helped make Mr Monkey’s Blog the premier blog in South Tyneside and all this in less than 5 months. Mr Monkey appreciates your support.

Mr Monkey will not be resting on his laurels over the festive season, instead he will be working on a few new ideas and hopes to add some extra features to his blog. He will also be following up a number of leads so readers can be sure that they won’t miss any news and gossip from the local political scene.

Unlike the Labour party who have spent thousands on sending out propaganda Christmas cards to residents across the borough, Mr Monkey has decided to put the environment before desperation and has opted to send his readers an electronic Christmas card.

But Mr Monkey will be sending out around 100 hard copies of his Christmas card to a select band of people;  as a reminder that he is watching their every move. If you get a Christmas card from Mr Monkey beware .. you’ll never who or what is watching you.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas

Is Mr Monkey Watching You?

A Christmas Message From Mr Monkey

A Christmas Message From Mr Monkey


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