REVIEW 2008: Gazette Editor Plays Catch Up Again.

Mr Monkey has become increasingly concerned at the growing and unhealthy influence councillor Iain Malcolm has at the Shields Gazette. He’s especially concerned at how easily the editor of the Gazette has allowed himself and the paper to be manipulated by the new council leader and how he’s allowed the council’s press office to dictate what does and doesn’t appear in the paper – so much for journalistic integrity. 

Mr Monkey reckons Papa John’s antics are verging on bringing the Shields Gazette into disrepute and it’s about time his fellow journalists, shareholders and senior management at Johnston Press found out what’s really going on at Britain’s oldest provincial newspaper.

This post is part of a series that aims to do just that.

Good morning Papa John!

Yet again the Malcolm Fanzine Shields Gazette has been left trying to catch Mr Monkey’s tail.

Yesterday Mr Monkey exclusively reported on a robbery at a Jarrow Bookmakers. Mr Monkey can now reveal that Papa John Szymanski has finally woken up and the Gazette has belatedly published the the ‘news’ 12 hours after Mr Monkey first broke it!


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