REVEIW OF 2008: Is Gazette Coverage Linked To Money?

Like many people Mr Monkey has always thought the amount of coverage given to local villain Noddy Rice and his family was over the top. Back in August this post speculated as to the real reason for Papa John Szymanski’s (editor of the local snooze-paper and chair of the Malcolm Fan Club) obsession with all things ‘Noddy’.

Is Gazette Coverage Linked To Money?

Mr Monkey normally doesn’t bother buying a copy of the Gazette but tonight will be different!

Mr Monkey wants to check out the Family Notices pages to see how much money has been spent on death notices for Ryan Burns, aka ‘Noddy’ Rice’s son. He reckons that this may explain why the Gazette’s coverage of the Noddy Rice clan is always over the top.

Who knows, the Gazette might even break with recent tradition and actually include something worth reading!


2 Responses to “REVEIW OF 2008: Is Gazette Coverage Linked To Money?”

  1. 1 justin
    30/12/2008 at 17:12

    so funny!

    I had noticed the same thing re the Noddy Rice family. Do they think they are in the Shields Mafia or something?

    I’ve had many a laugh at the notices in the Gazette, always the biggest and the best (and costing the most money). And who says crime doesn’t pay?

  2. 2 Mr Monkey
    03/01/2009 at 07:06

    No, just small time crooks that think they’ve made it big.
    If they’d spent more time learning to read and less time trying to play gangsters we’d be able to understand some of thier ads in the Gazette.

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