EXCLUSIVE: Mr Monkey Catches The Gazette Napping Again!

EXCLUSIVE: Whilst Malcolm Fanzine Gazette Editor John Szymanski was busy regurgitating old news and doing the local Labour party’s Iain Malcolm’s and the council’s bidding, it is left to local bloggers like Mr Monkey to bring you the real news.

Readers will have noticed that yesterday’s Malcolm Fanzine Gazette was especially Malcolm friendly with posts like thisthis and this.

Mr Monkey can exclusively reveal that whilst Papa John Szymanski was  busy deciding which part of Malcolm’s arse to lick next, this chimp was busy following up a lead about two burglaries at Whitburn Cricket Club on East St in Whitburn.

The first incident happened on Tuesday 23rd of December between 11pm – 11.10pm when the offender forced entry into the premises. Nothing was stolen but a door was damaged in the incident.

The second incident happened between 3.30am – 5am on Wednesday 24th December when an intruder again forced entry in to the premises and left with a quantity of alcohol and cash.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Police on 03456 043043 extension 65046

Peter Sutton, the Neighbourhood Inspector for the area said;

” the neighbourhood policing team for Whitburn will be paying extra attention to the area and will be offering crime prevention advice and discusing general security to prevent people becoming the victims of burglary and we will do everything in our power to apprehend those responsible.”

Enquires are continuing .. but not at the Gazette!


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