Anyone Home?

If your one of the many people waiting for South Tyneside Homes to return to work today, forget it you’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

Bloggers will recall that Mr Monkey exclusively revealed that the Labour dominated board of South Tyneside Homes had unanimously agreed to award staff an extra day’s paid holiday. CLICK HERE.

To make sure the these poor overpaid and under-worked staff get maximum benefit, they decided that the extra day would be today – it makes another long weekend for them.

So if you’ve been frantically trying to get through to South Tyneside Homes over the festive season, forget it their too busy eating up the left over turkey to worry about you.

It seems South Tyneside Homes, with the full backing of the local Labour party, has stuck two fingers up at it’s tenants and Mr Monkey reckons you wont read about that in the Macolm Fanzine Gazette.


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