Is McAtominey To Be Replaced?

Following ‘Steady Eddie’s’ convictions for drink driving and failing to provide a sample it seems council leader Miss Piggy, aka Iain Malcolm is struggling to replace him in the cabinet and on the Northumbrian Police Authority. This may explain why the Malcolms visited South Shields police station yesterday.

It would seem that Ed might be in line to replace councillor McAtominey as South Tyneside’s representative on the Police Authority – either that or he was belatedly delivering his Monkey Christmas cards!


2 Responses to “Is McAtominey To Be Replaced?”

  1. 03/07/2009 at 20:28

    From what I hear – Ed – Malcolm worked at the pit, But only in the office, So one day for
    some reason he had to go down the pit – so let it be noted, In his wellies he had specially
    fitted wedges – to make him look bigger, So if Iain is taking him to police station as McAtominey’s replacement on the Police Authority, He will be dashing to the Cobbblers to get new uplift’s for his shoe’s – as he is little midget, He also had one of the porters look for a podium, Just so he could get on to the Mayor’s seat in the Chamber as it used to take him all of his time to get up their, And his little legs used to dangle,

    So more money for the Malcolm family.


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