Is Curly Set To Join Mr Monkey?

 Seems the Fat Mackem Hobbit over at the Corner Shop Shire is on the verge of throwing in his lot with Mr Monkey. 

Readers can’t have failed to notice that the Hobbit is posting daily and some times more than once about Mr Monkey’s Blog. They’ll have also seen that he’s adding comments to Mr Monkey’s posts almost on an hourly basis.


All this from a sorry individual who back in October told the world that only “half a dozen people” visit the “other South Tyneside odious and disreputable blog” – strange how easily a Hobbit changes his mind.


Mr Monkey reckons if the Fat Mackem Hobbit spends any more time on his blog he’ll have to send the sad twat a bale of straw so he can get some sleep in between posting about Mr Monkey and adding comment to Mr Monkey’s Blog.


Or is it more about clinging to Mr Monkey’s tail feathers in a vain attempt to drive up his hits? Whatever the real motive, Mr Monkey is about to put an end to the Hobbit’s latest pastime.


1 Response to “Is Curly Set To Join Mr Monkey?”

  1. 1 David
    12/01/2009 at 22:58

    Come on Chimp babe. After a few pints I wouldn’t want to fall out with anyone.
    Curley is alright. Come on Curles it’s only a bit fun, we have been friends for years. But I haven’t had so much fun since the auld Queen Mother died!

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