UPDATE: Curly Lies To His Readers

UPDATE: The Fat Mackem Hobbit still refuses to publish any proof that Mr Monkey is behind The Chief Whip an Mr Monkey’s Analyst blogs. But apparently he’s changed his mind about The Monkeyhouse but can’t bring himself to admit he’s a liar. Don’t worry Mr Hobbit I’ll do it for you .. YOU’RE A FUCKING LAIR

The Fat Mackem Hobbit’s obsession with telling the world how important his blog is has been replaced with his obsession for Mr Monkey –  and this chimp loves watching the Fat Mackem Hobbit agonising over how he can steal his readers back from Mr Monkey?

Self styled Mr Integrity aka Graham Rigg, CurlyThe Fat Mackem Hobbit recently questioned the accuracy of some of Mr Monkey’s posts. This followed a post  about The King of Sleaze, David Potts rouse about getting his girlfriend pregnant – more of this later.

This is what the Hobbit had to say,

“How many other posts contain material that is knowingly fabricated, deliberate lies, or unsubstantiated rumours and gossip?”

Yes I’ve copied Curly’s words once again to demonstrate what a hypocritical and lying little Fat Hobbit he is.

Mr Monkey reckons this hairy Hobbit should get his own house in order before getting on his Barbie box and telling other people what to do with theirs.

Mr Monkey could publish numerous examples of Mr Integrity’s double standards but there’s no better example than his recent post that included the quote above, highlighted in red.

Without checking the facts, which apparently he always does, he deliberately misleads his readers by claiming Mr Monkey has posted under three other guises including The Chief Whip, Mr Monkey’s Analyst and The Monkeyhouse and that these sites have now closed.

What a lying fuckwit you are Curly.

You have no proof Mr Monkey was behind The Chief Whip or Mr Monkey’s Analyst and if you have publish it.

The Monkeyhouse was a temporary blog set up by Mr Monkey and was the fore runner to Mr Monkey’s Blog. This chimp has always told readers (that can be bothered to look) that he’s behind both of them. CLICK HERE.

Bloggers can see another example of his deliberate lies by CLICKING HEREyes The Monkeyhouse is alive and well!

Seems Curly is nothing more than a lying self opinionated individual who considers himself to be on some sort of integrity crusade to clear the blogging world of anything and anyone that doesn’t fit into his narrow and bigoted view of the world.

Mr Monkey reckons the Hobbit is busy looking for a white suit in the winter sales so he can take the place of that other crackpot Martin Bell.


11 Responses to “UPDATE: Curly Lies To His Readers”

  1. 1 David
    13/01/2009 at 14:01

    Ah yes, a rather interesting use of the the old spg there. Dont you think Curls?

  2. 2 Brian
    13/01/2009 at 15:26

    Are these people worth bothering with Mr Monk?

  3. 3 The Enforcer
    13/01/2009 at 16:50

    Mr Monk who is this DAVID its not pottsy, because according to the snivilling little shit he dont read your blog.
    getting back to Rigg should i just chin the fucka and be done with it?

  4. 4 Lemon Curd
    13/01/2009 at 18:46

    Were you bullied at school Mr Monkey? Has your wife left you?

  5. 13/01/2009 at 19:33

    What has your doctor told you? Has he renewed the pills?

    I come here so that you have at least one other real person in your life to have a conversation with, you ought to be happy!

    Your other blogs are like Woolworths, the buildings are still there but the business is CLOSED>

  6. 6 Mr Monkey
    13/01/2009 at 19:57

    and I thought you left your comments on Mr Monkey’s Blog because more people will see them here than your own blog.

  7. 7 Mr Bun the Baker
    14/01/2009 at 13:19

    Mr Monkey you really are a pathetic little man aren’t you. Why don’t you find yourself a girlfriend, or perhaps even a life. You are the biggest coward in the County.

  8. 8 Mr Monkey
    14/01/2009 at 15:34

    Don’t need one thanks, your wife pops round daily – she needs something that rises a bit more than your bread.

  9. 9 Lemon Curd
    14/01/2009 at 20:34

    Stud eh? I find that very difficult to believe. I bet one of the reasons you are so warped is that you have a tiny little willy and are grossly insecure about it. That is why you are so obsessed with the sex lives of everyone else. You’re just not getting any are you. It’s v funny for all the rest of us who can see behind the cheap little circus display you are putting on.

    You may dislike, well erm, just about blog host on the planet, but at least Curly etc have to courage to post under their own names. Mr Bun is right, you are just cowardly scum.

    There are clinics who can help you get an extention if you have the dosh, but I suppose your shitty little salary won’t be able to cover that. Assuming you aren’t on benefits that is.

  10. 10 Raymond
    14/01/2009 at 20:51

    Lemon curd, more like BROWN FUCKING CHOCLATE Talk’s about Rigg posting under his proper name who’s the fucking coward scum now you piece of arsewipe nobody.

  11. 11 Mr Monkey
    15/01/2009 at 08:42


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