Irene Lucas Told To Turn The Music Down

Looking at today’s damp dreary weather, Mr Monkey can’t blame South Tyneside Council’s head honcho Irene Lucas for looking forward to her annual garden party.

This annual bash at her manor in Whitburn village is the stuff of legends and has raised an eyebrow or two amongst her neighbours who are used to a quiet and peaceful existence.

Apparently Ms Lucas loves to entertain her guests with live music but unfortunately this doesn’t always meet with her neighbours approval, one of whom had the audacity to call the Community Wardens to report loud music coming from the manor. This upstanding member of the community reckoned that the noise was disturbing the tranquility and peace of Whitburn village and wanted something done about it.

It seems that the Community Wardens paid a call on Ms Lucas and told her that they’d received a complaint from her neighbours and advised her to turn the music down.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering how the warden service logged this complaint?


6 Responses to “Irene Lucas Told To Turn The Music Down”

  1. 1 Charlie
    19/01/2009 at 12:55

    Mr Monkey… she was not available… was too busy blowing off Geoff Ford in the back shed!!

  2. 2 A Friend
    19/01/2009 at 15:04

    Have you heard the latest about Pudgy. I nearly wet myself. Needless to say it involves a nightclub and a dubious Christmas present bought by some shady girl he was seen with. Obviously as usual it wasn’t his ‘official’ girlfriend.

    Apparently the moron was handcuffed by the lass and she lost (or maybe hid) the keys. Either way our favourite Councellor got himself in a bit of a flap and was carted home in a taxi with the said girl and presumably without his pride for company.

    HAHA. What an idiot.

  3. 3 Raymond
    19/01/2009 at 15:54

    Why does everyone in South Tyneside hate potts, is it because he is a little creep with no personality.
    I wonder if he still pisses the bed?
    He shakes like Shakin Stevens, all together now ‘ THIS OLD HOUSE’

  4. 4 Mr Monkey
    19/01/2009 at 16:10

    Charlie I’m sure you meant she’d fallen in the pool and needed drying off and there’s no better chap at filling a room with hot air than our ‘Sir’ Geoffrey.

  5. 5 A Friend
    19/01/2009 at 17:24

    Everyone in South Tyneside hates Potts because he is a lying, two faced, manipulative, home wrecking tosser. He makes money by exploiting legal loopholes to avoid paying tax on the money he makes trading on currency markets.

    The wanker often flashes his black American Express card around the pubs and clubs of the Borough and his Coutts bank cheques are often seen in the Red Lion till. He is A WANKER OF THE FIRST ORDER.

  6. 6 Raymond
    19/01/2009 at 23:41

    Black American Express cards means fuck all to me.

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