EXCLUSIVE: Council Set To Increase Rents By 6.7%

EXCLUSIVE: Labour council leader Iain Malcolm, the self appointed champion of social housing is set to rob the council’s 19,000 tenants again this year.

In March 2008 the long suffering residents of South Tyneside were fed a diet of shite by the ruling Labour group. They were told that the council had set the lowest council tax rise in years, 2.95%. Councillor Malcolm and his highwaymen then set about robbing the people of the borough by increasing charges on just about everything including council house rents which went up by a massive 6.3%.

Unlike the council tax rise, there was no headlines in the Shields Gazette, instead the council did it’s best to manipulate the press – which wasn’t difficult with Papa John Szymanski in charge – by controlling the flow of bad news.

Mr Monkey has now learned that Miss Piggy, aka council leader Iain Malcolm intends to replenish his piggy bank the council’s coffers by repeating last year’s raid on the unsuspecting tenants of South Tyneside Homes.

This time he reckons he can squeeze a bit more out of them and has decided to opt for a 6.7% rise in rents.

Of course this decision doesn’t affect him and most of his Labour colleagues, they all bought their council houses as soon as the could get their hands on the discount.


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