Warm At Last

What a fucking day!

It started with the monkey clan shivering in the bloody cold because the boiler had packed in overnight.

Then Mrs Monkey did nowt but whinge about how she never gets any of her jobs done “because your always blogging”.

Mr Monkey also had to make up some dodgy story to explain why he wasn’t at his desk today, all so he could get a new boiler.

After spending all morning trying to find a suitable boiler, he unpacked the box at home and found some bastard had already opened it and nicked the circuit board. The thieving bastard even had the cheek to carefully reseal the box before returning it, no doubt for a refund.

Mr Monkey spent the next two hours taking the boiler back and exchanging for another one. This time he checked the box before he left the counter.

When Mr Monkey arrived home his mate had left a note to say he’d been called away on an emergency and could this ape adjust the pipework before he returned to fit the boiler.

This chimp can now report that the new boiler is working, the house is starting to warm up and Mrs Monkey has stopped whinging.

Unfortunately all this activity meant Mr Monkey missed today’s full council meeting which by all accounts was a lively affair. No matter, it won’t be long before Mr Monkey hears all about it.


1 Response to “Warm At Last”

  1. 1 Accrington Stanley
    22/01/2009 at 21:57

    Curly says of the Independent Alliance: “Quite simply, they are the reason why people prefer to vote Labour.’

    So why do the alliance have more seats than ever before, and Labour have the fewest seats for years?

    Maybe curly hasnt checked his facts – but the last election was the alliances biggest ever triumph, and the labour partys biggest ever drubbing.

    what planet is he on?

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