Potts .. The Early Years

Mr Monkey has been promised an interesting picture of the King of Sleaze, aka councillor David Potts. Apparently the picture was taken when Pudgy Face was just begining to discover his sexuality – around the age of 13.

Mr Monkey has seen a glimpse of the picture and is not surprised to learn that even Ugly Betty wouldn’t go near the fat bastard in case she caught something he mistook her for a plate of mince and dumplings – smothered in ketchup of course.

Keep an eye on Mr Monkey’s Blog over the weekend, you’ll piss yourself laughing.


1 Response to “Potts .. The Early Years”

  1. 1 Ogdens Nut Gone Flake
    23/01/2009 at 23:56

    Poor old Potts – the BNP are after him.

    He is such a cowardly shit; he has gone to the cops.

    What about those people who have taken on the BNP all their lives, but have never given a fuck when it calls to public protection?

    Bryan – what a snale you are.

    Perhaps when it comes to dodgy phone calls Dave

    – could it actually be that dodgy teacher you had at school (you know Dave, the one who has to teach any where but South Tyneside)

    – or worse, Millburn’s wife, only to tell you to move on?

    But move on to what or where Dave?

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