Monkey Clip

This week’s Monkey Clip is dedicated to all the closet racists hiding out there in the Shire blogsphere. 


2 Responses to “Monkey Clip”

  1. 1 Clement Freud
    24/01/2009 at 23:40

    Or as we all know – hiding out in Corner Shops.

    Mr Monkey – you really must offer your professional help to Curly.

    Herr Rigsby has very serious issues which he needs help in addressing.

    The list is as follows:

    1. He has low self esteem, probably due to his lack of a rewarding job.

    2. He clearly despises women, coloured people, and residents of Iran.

    3. He has an un-natural attachment to David Potts (and Sarah Palin), possibly relating to his worseship of Margaret Thatcher and his self evident Oedipus complex.

    4. He worships the idle God “Iain”, either Malcolm or Dale.

    5. He takes many forms – he cross dresses, and can only be classed as multi personality – either camouflaged as a “man doll”, “Stretch Armstrong”, a plant or a weed.

    In strict medical psychological terms, he is a “knacker”

    Or as Jung would say, a deluded macho sadistic liar who despises women, foreigners, people from Iran, Muslims, other people who have blogs, the word “Premier”, young people who can drive, green issues…

    Oh shit – the list is endless…help him somebody, please help him…..

  2. 2 DINK
    25/01/2009 at 10:52


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