Ed Set To Treat Aunt Sally

Councillor Ed ..ith Malcolm is renowned for being a tight arse and some of his colleagues reckon he only puts up with Aunt Sally, aka Olive Punchion because she smother’s the scrounging bastard with tokens of her love. Yes she needs to buy the poison dwarf’s affections.

As Valentines Day approaches Ed .. ith is worried that he might have to put his hand in his pocket and treat the old dog to a burger. His brother Miss Piggy is so worried about him he’s asked Mr Monkey for his help. Apparently the thought of him parting with a few quid keeps him awake at night, unless he’s secretly wanking over pictures of Superman.

Mr Monkey reckons he’s found a solution to Ed .. ith’s dilemma – enter STCentral Tv’s Valentines Day competition.

Apparently South Tyneside’s very own television channel has teamed up with the Little Haven hotel to offer lovers a chance to win a 5 course slap up meal and they’ll even pay for your taxis.

For a chance to win e-mail your details to competitions@STCentral.tv and you could be enjoying a very special Valentines Day for nowt.

For a sneak preview  CLICK HERE and HERE.


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