A Voice From The Past

Mr Monkey has been approached by a woman called Mary Taylor who claims to have an interesting story about councillor Iain Malcolm and some postal ballot papers.

Mrs Taylor claims that both she and her late husband witnessed councillor Malcolm tampering with ballot papers at thier house and reckons it’s time she told the world about it and judging by what she’s had to say, councillor Iain Malcolm will do anything to keep his hands on the reins of power. 

This chimp appreciates it’s been a bit chilly of late, but the news that Mrs Taylor is about to tell all is sure to send a shiver down Miss Piggy’s Iain Malcolm’s spine – if he’s got one.


12 Responses to “A Voice From The Past”

  1. 1 A Friend
    04/02/2009 at 15:13

    You’ve been very quiet about Pudgy Pottsy lately Mr Monk. Have u not heard about his latest incident in Aberdeen on Burns night the 24th Jan? It seems that one of the girls was less than discreet and decided to ‘expose’ him.

    I believe there are photographs on facebook…..

  2. 2 The Scunner Campbell
    04/02/2009 at 15:28

    If this is true, then EXPOSE IT. This, Mr Monkey, is surely the very reason for your wonderful blogsite’s existence! You don’t need to convince me or many others – I believe it! I heard of a similar tale regarding the Harton Ward in 1999 or thereabouts from a Labour and union activist. Need I say; they were a council employee. Apparently in that particular case, the Conservative candidate should have won by rights; but in South Tyneside, what do rights count?
    Everyone knows the stench that emanates from this council and it’s time it was brought to book! Standards Board for England time…..

  3. 3 Mr Monkey
    04/02/2009 at 16:54

    Not much to report about the King of Sleaze, Pudgy Face Potts. He’s a spent force that just keeps making a twat of himself and wankers like the Hobbit.

  4. 4 Tony the Tiger
    04/02/2009 at 17:11

    Potts a spent force? I doubt it. Don’t underestimate him. I know what hes up to and youre gonna be fucked big time sonner or later

    you need to keep this site going, but I think hes too smart for you and it wont be long before he acts. Im not sure that you are aware of exactly who you are dealing with here. BE CAREFUL, that’s the only advice I can give you, Potts is not what he seems

    Otherwise keep up the good work!

  5. 5 whataloadofshite
    04/02/2009 at 17:15

    Tony the Tiger
    fuck off u nob and stick to your frosties.

  6. 6 Jonny
    04/02/2009 at 17:18

    I’m by no means a regular in the Red Lion pub, in fact, lucky if i get there once a month…
    BUT, on my last visit before Xmas, i overheard a conversation in which it was said that the staff and customers are all nice to Potts face, but in fact they all really think that he is a complete arsehole……

    it was also said that he is spinning rumours on purpose, trying to see if anyone will leak them onto this site….but that no-one was really that interested….or believed him for that matter….

    I’m yet to meet/ or see the man himself in the pub (like i said quite a rare visitor), but for all the World sounds like he really is a spent force and he probably enjoys the trivial gossip that goes on……..

  7. 7 Whats Under Pott's Kilt
    04/02/2009 at 20:07

    A Friend

    Please supply the link to Facebook so we can all enjoy….

  8. 8 Charlie
    04/02/2009 at 20:23

    ST Central What? Logo reminds me of the old green and yellow ST for the council in the 70’s. Terribly made, terrible looking.

    What a boring load of tosh…

    If you need to sleep well tonight, visit http://www.stcentral.tv

  9. 9 Beanz Meanz Curly
    04/02/2009 at 22:28

    I see South Tyneside’s Premier Nazi has had a little dig at you today Mr Monkey. Apparently you and ST Central TV are related. What a bully Herr Rigg is – he makes various insinuations, accusations, threats of law suits etc etc etc.

    The reality – hot air, wind, flatulence!!!!!!! He should really cut back on his intake of beans.

    As to the comments on Potts from “Tony the Tiger” – Potts doesn’t even know what day it is Justin, never mind who Mr Monkey is. If he did, his solicitor would have sued by now.

    As the cry went out at a recent council meeting, “bring it on!”

  10. 10 Old Bill
    05/02/2009 at 07:08

    Having read Herr Rigg’s Stcentral post could he be Mr Monkey? He’s very familar with the owners and admits advising them about browsers etc. Or is he green with envy that he did’nt think of it because according to him everything that happens in South Tyneside is linked to ‘Mr Ego’ the twisted dwarf of West Park.

  11. 11 charlie
    05/02/2009 at 12:01

    … think ur right Old Bill, but, it is really shit to look at!

  12. 17/07/2010 at 05:23

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