EXCLUSIVE: Council Staff To Be Charged For Parking

EXCLUSIVE: Mr Monkey can exclusively reveal that South Tyneside Council is to start charging it’s employees to park in it’s staff car parks.

At present town hall staff can park for free, Monday – Friday in Winchester Street and Claypath Lane car parks, but all this is about to stop.

Mr Monkey has learned that from April, staff who want to use these ‘reserved’ car parks will be need to buy a permit at an annual cost of £365. This will allow them to park in these car parks, Monday to Friday, but they’ll need to pay extra for Saturdays and Sundays.

Staff are outraged by this latest Malcolm inspired move and feel they’re being used as pawns to justify ever increasing parking charges.

Mr Monkey can’t help wondering what the residents of Bolingbroke Street, Romilly Street, Erskine Road, Broughton Road, Berkely Street, Salisbury Street, Lyndhurst Street, South Woodbine Street and Selbourne Street think about this latest stealth tax, especially when council staff start parking outside their front door.

This chimp reckons things are about to get a whole lot warmer around the town hall.


9 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Council Staff To Be Charged For Parking”

  1. 1 The Scunner Campbell
    09/02/2009 at 18:32

    It’s about time they were charged! Until now it’s been a nice little freebie, thanks very much. In fact, the only way to assure a parking space in town is if you’re on the council payroll! As for parking in nearby streets, I’m sure our ‘independent’ parking attendants will soon make life a misery for the on-street non-residential parkers!

  2. 2 Picasso
    09/02/2009 at 18:57

    Like the new look web site Mr Monkey – its far better than the Germanic white wash that Herr Rigg has used to paint his blog.

  3. 3 FuckWad Dildo
    09/02/2009 at 20:48

    Why the fuck should they pay ? They get fuck all to start with (unless you are senior management). If Mz Lucas can award herself a 13k increase why the fuck should the council employees be forced to pay fucking stealth tax to fill the coffers to support her salary increase? Get the lazy cunts on the dole (the shirkers not the genuinely unemployed) to fucking do some cleaning up of the McDonalds and KFC bags they drop everywhere and put some fucking effort into earning their dole instead of raping the fucking council workers of what little money they get to start with.
    Go back into your rabbit hole and shut the door as you obviously havent a fucking clue what youre talking about. (Does Scunner Campbell=Ed(ith) Malcolm perhaps ?

  4. 4 Man called Horse
    09/02/2009 at 22:12

    Does this mean councillors will have to fucking pay as they have ‘members’ bays in the town hall and library, all they use them for is to go fucking shopping…CUNTS!! So £365.00 take off all the weekends which is 104 days, then all bank holidays which is about 8 or so days so thats 365 – (104 + 8 ) 112 equals 253 days, divide then and its about £1.40 per day, then when you take your holidays roughly 30 days depending on your length of service thats 365 – (112 + 30)142 equals 223, divide 365 by 223 and its about £1.65 or so. Like Fuckwad Dildo says, why the fuck should they pay??Will the fucking councillors, no probably not cos they make sure the workers pay all that amount to absorb anything they have to dread the thought of fuckin paying….Fuckin greedy cunts

  5. 5 Scotty
    10/02/2009 at 10:46

    Don’t councillors pay for car parking passes already?

  6. 6 The Scunner Campbell
    10/02/2009 at 15:33

    If it boils down to me paying a hefty increase in my already over-inflated council tax, or council workers coughing up some of the bill this time to pay for their employers financial ineptitude (I’ve seen the council wastage first hand, so no lectures please); I know what I’d choose.
    Anyway, what’s £5 a week to most of the council staff? If they don’t like it I’m sure they can create some overtime, go sick for ‘another’ extra day in indignation or fiddle the flexi time. If they really want to throw their toys out of the pram, they could strike too. Seen it all before. Poor council staff. Best working conditions, best pension scheme, best job security.
    Nuff Said.

  7. 7 Fuckwad Dildo
    10/02/2009 at 21:03

    Well Well, seems like Scunner is a bit fucking confused. Job security ???? What the fuck is that ? Why the fuck should they pay for “their employers ineptitude” when it was YOU that fucking voted them IN ! They have NO say in what goes on ! If they increased your fucking council tax by a fiver a week youd have a fucking heart attack and be calling them everything under the sun.
    Their pension scheme is nohwere near äs good as it was, and what “best working conditions”are you fucking on about ? They are the worse than private sector.
    What the fuck are you doing about Mz Lucas’s 13k a year pay rise ? Are you doing anything ?? NOOOOO …… Be real…no-one, council workers or private sector, should have to pay for parking at work to make up for the financial shortfalls that their useless leaders (elected by YOU) have created.

  8. 8 Mr Monkey
    11/02/2009 at 08:07

    Councillors pay for fuck all Scotty.

  9. 9 The Scunner Campbell
    11/02/2009 at 08:18

    Hand on Heart, Fuckwad, It’s certainly not me voting these arseholes in.
    I despise Labour.
    And I am doing something! Can’t say yet, but Mr Monkey will be the first to know!
    So, sorry to say, but your comment “elected by YOU” is waaaaaay off target.
    If it helps, I’d recommend anyone, come election time, to tick absolutely ANY box other than Labour.
    Must go now. I have to fight off SuperGran again. She’s gone beserk because they’ve just increased her home meals service by a few pounds a week…

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