A Broody Pig



Judging by this picture of council leader Iain Malcolm it seems Miss Piggy is feeling broody.

Mr Monkey wonders whether it’s anything to do with a new arrival in the Malcolm clan? Either that or mam is not happy at the prospect of the Chuckle Brothers remaining childless forever, especially as her boys are getting on a bit.

This chimp reckons it’s not too late, they could always adopt like this couple CLICK HERE.


3 Responses to “A Broody Pig”

  1. 1 Pete
    13/02/2009 at 08:43

    I think your name for coun Malcolm (Miss Piggy) is excellent because looking at this picture his expression resemebles that of a pig out of shit.

  2. 2 Gaz
    13/02/2009 at 20:50

    Does Q = queer?

  3. 3 marilyn
    12/10/2009 at 15:58

    Chuckle brothers are not childless just wimps and users

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