EXCLUSIVE: Parents Anger At Councillors No Show

EXCLUSIVE: There were angry scenes at yesterday’s meeting arranged by the parents and carers of  pupils at Bamburgh School to discuss the closure of five special schools.

The meeting was held at South Tyneside District Hospital’s social club in Harton Lane and organisers had invited councillor Ernest Gibson to attend the meeting to outline more details about the proposals and to answer questions.

Councillor Gibson, who chaired the Scrutiny Commission on the Review of Special Educational Needs Provision agreed to attend and asked for the invitation to be extended to Councillor Jim Foreman, the cabinet member responsible for children and young people – the organisers agreed.

Parents, carers and teachers were dismayed and tempers flared as both councillors Gibson and Foreman failed to turn up to the meeting. One of the organisers called councillor Gibson who said that he couldn’t find the venue so wouldn’t be attending the meeting.

Organisers were also angry that Horsley Hill Labour councillors, Iain Malcolm – Miss Piggy and Eileen Leask – Vodka Lil – failed to turn up given that Bamburgh School is in their ward.

A number of parents and teachers addressed the meeting to express their anger at the contempt shown to both parents and pupils and the complacent attitude of the ruling Labour group. One speaker suggested that it was time to make some form of real protest that would make the council stand up and take notice.

Organisers concluded the meeting by asking Gordon Finch, the Independent Alliance councillor for Horsley Hill to address the meeting.


6 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Parents Anger At Councillors No Show”

  1. 1 Angry Mam
    12/02/2009 at 18:53

    Tonight’s coverage in the Gazette is very vague about who should have been at the meeting and makes no mention that Coun Finch was the only councillor that bothered to turn up.

  2. 2 Fuckwad Dildo
    12/02/2009 at 20:08

    HI MrMonkey. Its me Fuckwad again ! What time was this meeting ? Sources have it that Ernie was in the Town Hall around 2:30pm yesterday. Perhaps he was hiding? Or maybe he just wanted a fag with the Buffoon in the Town Hall inner sanctum ?
    Why are these useless jokers getting PAID from OUR council tax when they cannot even have the simple decency to attend such an important meeting. I hope to hell the parents DO SOMETHING about it !

  3. 3 Mr Monkey
    12/02/2009 at 20:42

    I’m told it was at 4.30pm.

  4. 4 Angry Mam
    13/02/2009 at 07:36

    Another meeting to discuss a protest strategy has been arranged for 1pm on Tuesday at the same venue.

  5. 5 Pete
    13/02/2009 at 08:50

    If you want couns. Jim Foreman and Ernest Gibson to turn up, put on a buffet.

  6. 6 The Scunner Campbell
    13/02/2009 at 11:40

    Angry parents – do something about it, don’t just fume.
    Every year, (it seems to happen around May time as a hint), everyone gets a little piece of paper through their doors.
    Some of us leave that little bit of paper behind the mantlepiece clock and don’t do shit with it.
    Well, that ‘little piece of paper’ – think of it as your hands round the balls of the missing councillors.Now start squeezing – hard.
    It’s simple. To take out your displeasure of your representatives who can’t be bothered to turn up (unless there’s a spread of cheap Lambrini, cheese on sticks and buffet pasties), you get your paper and place an ‘X’ next to any other name than the present councillor.
    Hey presto.

    You have their undivided attention – at least for a fortnight or two.

    Best way to stop the gravy train? STOP POURING THE GRAVY.

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