More Recycled Shit

Seems councillor Michael Clare’ obsession with recycling has now spread to the council’s press office.

Mr Monkey has noticed that ever since Miss Piggy, aka Iain Malcolm grabbed control of the council from Waggott the council has been recycling old policies and press releases in an attempt to look busy and con the residents of the borough in to believing that he’s actually doing something.

Mr Monkey nearly choked on his peanuts when he saw this blatant con by Miss Piggy and his stooges. CLICK HERE.  

But the piece de resistance has got to be this comment attributed to Mr Tits, aka councillor Alan Kerr,

“The Council is working hard to make its services more flexible and accessible to customers. Our easy to use website is an excellent resource and shows agendas and minutes for all major committees. Clicking on council agendas is a great way for local people to keep in touch with the decisions that affect their everyday lives from planning issues to refuse collections.”

Anyone who knows this dirty old bastard will tell you he couldn’t of dreamt this statement up even if Pamela Anderson was giving him a tit wank – the letch is not capable of spewing this shit.

Mr Monkey can confirm that this press release is nothing more than an attempt to fuck us and just shows the contempt this council has for the residents of South Tyneside.

For the record committee papers, agendas, reports and minutes have been available on line since 2002 so this press release is nothing more than a con.

Mr Monkey can’t wait to see what Mr Dumpy, aka Papa John Szymanski does with this press release given the fact that his obedient lackeys reporters have been using the council’s on-line links to access committee papers etc for the last 5 years.


1 Response to “More Recycled Shit”

  1. 1 groner
    16/02/2009 at 16:01

    Dear MR Monkey,i must agree whith all you have to say about South Tyside council,but may i suggest you stop going to the Malcome brothers level with all this foul language.The english dictonary is full of ideas.and as you are an intelligent chimp you will easily find lots of alternatifs a bientot monsieur le seinge

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