Mr Monkey Needs you!

Mr Monkey has been speaking to a voice from Miss Piggy’s, aka council leader Iain Malcolm’s past and is in possession of some damning information about how he and his colleagues kept their seats in Horsley Hill at the turn of the millennium.

It seems that Miss Piggy’s may have cheated one of his opponents out of victory by fixing the ballot to suit himself.

Before Mr Monkey posts the full details of what this power mad hog got up to, he would like to contact Patricia Pigott a local Conservative who may have been the victim of Miss Piggy’s antics.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Patricia or has any information about the 2000 and 2004 local elections please post details in the comments section of this post tonight between 9pm and 9am when Mr Monkey will be applying comment moderation so only he can read what you post.

All information posted will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be revealed under any circumstances, just start your post with the word confidential.


11 Responses to “Mr Monkey Needs you!”

  1. 1 Meh
    24/02/2009 at 16:01

    Why wait? Just make it up like you normally do, you sad waste of space.

  2. 2 charlie
    24/02/2009 at 16:06

    Mr M… ignore this twats comments above and push on… Mr M, also, get to see the politics show local round up on Sunday gone. MIss Piggy was on, if you can do, watch it, plenty out and out hypocrisy there.


  3. 3 Patricia Pigott
    24/02/2009 at 18:18

    Please forward any information to the above e mail address

  4. 4 my pop the cop
    24/02/2009 at 19:44



  5. 5 One Up the Sleeve
    24/02/2009 at 19:48

    Not that you need my advice, but I would also ignore the above post as well. Somebody may be fishing for info.

    Politics Show, follow this link:


    Hope it works OK

  6. 6 Blogwatcher
    24/02/2009 at 21:25

    Meh’s comments suggest you’ve hit a raw nerve Mr M.

  7. 7 The Scunner Campbell
    25/02/2009 at 08:09

    Meh – If you hate this blog so much, why do you read it? My supposition is that somewhere along the line you’re involved with these ‘gravy-trainers’ who are being exposed and quite simply you’re shitting yourself for the day – and it will come – that you yourself become exposed.

  8. 8 Which Party
    25/02/2009 at 10:06

    did you get all the information you needed or do you need more. IF you require more information to confirm who people are then please “apply comment moderation” on

  9. 9 A
    25/02/2009 at 12:33


    Check out the spelling of the word ‘to’ under the response for books. Any Eng Lit graduate worth their salt should know it is spelled ‘too’.

  10. 10 Meh
    25/02/2009 at 14:40

    Scunner – I don’t hate it at all. It’s BRILLIANT entertainment for me. The illegality, arrogance and unashamed ignorance of the whole uneducated, mis-spelled thing is an absolute joy to behold.
    Mr Monkey tries to create a persona of some kind of political moral crusader yet only manages a blurry painting-by-numbers image of him/herself as an unschooled, crusty underwear-clad saddo who is nothing more than the most pathetic kind of keyboard warrior I have ever come across on the internet, who sniggers behind their hand whenever s/he uses the word ‘cunt’ and is just a few steps away from arrest.
    It’s like a slow motion car crash. Excellent stuff. Keep it up Monkey.

  11. 11 Stanley Kubrick
    26/02/2009 at 13:49

    No, I’m Spartacus!

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