the drinks are on me!

'the beers are on the buffoon'

'the beers are on the buffoon'

At last week’s full council Bill ‘The Bufoon’ Brady was so moved by the topic under discussion that he got up to speak about it. The reason for councillor Brady’s dramatic outburst was alcohol.

The Buffoon wanted to remind all those present that the Whiteleas Alcohol Exclusion Zone didn’t mean people couldn’t have a drink and pointed out that the pubs and social clubs were still open for business. To shouts of “if you’re buying” councillor Brady then invited everyone to join him for a pint in Whiteleas.

Apparently The Buffoon gets a £10,000 a year special responsibility allowance for being in the decision making cabinet, the so called elite group of a handful of councillors that make all the decisions on how to spend our money.

If the Buffoon’s performance is anything to go by, Mr Monkey reckons it’s time that these senile old farts were put down out to pasture.


1 Response to “the drinks are on me!”

  1. 1 Scotty
    02/03/2009 at 11:25

    He’s been a liability for ages. He’s got the numbers in Whiteleas so it’s difficult to oust him.

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