nuclear jack earns a sovereign

Seems a number of you are interested in Sovereign Strategy, the lobbying company set up by former Labour MEP Alan Donnelly and his lackey Miss Piggy, aka council leader Iain Malcolm.

A source close to Miss Piggy claims that not only does he get a healthy salary for being the company’s chief executive, he also owns around 10% of the company’s shares.

Sovereign Strategy has always had close links to the Labour government and often sponsors Labour party events, makes political donations and shares platforms with government ministers and people with political influence. They’ve also paid speaker ‘fees’ to senior Labour party figures.

According to this piece at http://www.nuclearspin.org/index.php/Sovereign_Strategy_Ltd Sovereign Strategy maintains close links to the nuclear lobby and has some of the world’s biggest nuclear players on its books.

These close links might explain how former senior Labour cabinet minister Jack Cunningham known affectionately as ‘Nuclear Jack’ and now Lord Cunningham of Felling, became a non executive paid director of Sovereign Strategy until becoming a paid adviser for the Corporation of the City of London. Last year, a spokesman for the corporation said Lord Cunningham helped arrange meetings with ministers. He’s also a partner in Brinkburn Associates, a “political and public policy consultancy”. CLICK HERE for more on ‘Nuclear Jack’

Seems Miss Piggy will let anyone suck on her his tits providing there’s something in it for him – lets hope for his sake he doesn’t start to glow in the dark.


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