Green light to shaft council employees

Last month Mr Monkey exclusively revealed that council staff were set to pay for parking CLICK HERE.

It’s now been confirmed that staff who are being transferred to Wouldhave House will have to pay for parking and they’re not happy about the prospect of having to pay for parking like the rest of us because they’ve got away with it for so long.

Angry staff claim they’re worried about car security and the possible negative impact of hundreds of staff trying to find spaces in the town centre, where parking is extremely limited, possibly forcing staff to use public transport while carrying out official duties.

Mr Monkey has no sympathy with any of them and here’s why:

  • the borough’s car parks are amongst the safest in the country – that’s what councillor Clare the lead member with responsibility for car park claims.
  • for years, the car parks have been labelled safe for the rest of us, so why the sudden concern? 
  • car parks are regularly patrolled up until 11pm by the council’s enforcement contractor, Apcoa.
  • what about all the empty spaces at the Customs House, Mill Dam and Mile End Rd car parks. The old Asda car park will also be open to the public.
  • what’s wrong with using public transport, tens of thousands of people across the region rely on it everyday.
  • ever thought of using pool cars for official duties?

Mr Monkey reckons that council staff have come up with some pretty shit excuses when it’s clear that all they’re really bothered about is the cost.

Perhaps staff should use some of the savings from thier new BT broadband package to pay for thier parking. Apparently council staff transferring to BT will get broadband for just £1 a month.

Mr Monkey would like to leave the last word to the Patron Slut of Sailors who said, “”I’m absolutely mystified as to where these council workers are going to park”.

Perhaps she and her stupid colleagues in the Labour party should have thought about this before signing on the dotted line and giving BT the green light to shaft council employees.


3 Responses to “Green light to shaft council employees”

  1. 1 Sir Spin a Lot
    03/03/2009 at 19:18

    What the hell do you know Mr Monkey? Going by the times you post, you are one the dole anyway, you sad little man.

    Grow up, get a job and BE HAPPY!

  2. 2 Fuckwit Dildo
    03/03/2009 at 20:13

    Hi MrMonkey, Fuckwit here, you are wrong in some of the instances, as its the fact that there is vrtually no parking around that area is why the people are complaining and not about security or cost.
    Also, you are wrong about the BT Broadband. The shafted employees get it for a one off payment of 1 quid and nothing more after that ! ALL BT emplyees get that “perk”.
    After all its the dimwits that are ruining the borough that are causing all of these problems. Why dont the tax payers insist that the fuckwit councillors DONT GET PAID ???? Do it for the love of doing it and not for the exorbitant payouts ?
    Surely if all of the council tax payers cancelled their direct debits or didnt pay their tax at the shop, what the fuck would the council do ??? Sue 200000 people ??? Kick them out of the borough ? Imagine the news headlines ! They would soon start listening to what the PEOPLE want and dump some of the fucking money grabbing, lazy bastards that call themselves “Councilors” and “Executives”.


  3. 3 omnia sunt communia
    03/03/2009 at 21:56

    Comment moderation needed sometime Thursday for a little bit of info on Council constitution.

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